New Single: Null Trek is out!


DIIPSILENCE’s new single “Null Trek” is out!

Null Trek Album Cover 3000x3000.jpg

Null Trek is a sad alternative and dubstep Chinese song that talks about life are like a trek and a trap, we have to accept that everything can perish. The song incorporates dreamy female vocal, both trap sub bass and growl dubstep bass, trippy drums, and layered synthesizers.

We are always in evolution and development, but we are also in the growth of the lost ourselves. People enjoy to be the top of power, nobody can agree with world-weary mood. The flowers of vanity bloom everywhere; nobility and elegance are no longer being appreciated.

From null to empty, from blasphemy to worship.

From cowardice to heroic, from ignorance to omniscience.

No one appreciates the noble, a shadow will not become light.

Whoever ignores the passing of time will become old in a panic.

Life is a trek, everything will perish.

Life is a trap, everything will vanish.

diip silence