Galaxy Cover

Genre: Chillout/Chillstep/Downtempo/IDM


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"Galaxy" describes the night sky of the deserts in California. I went to Joshua Tree National Park last summer. While travelling, I recorded some ambient field sounds and foleys. When I edited the recordings back at my studio, the sounds on location immediately brought me the images of that night, the milky way, boulders, deserts, Joshua trees and giant cacti. So I decided to make a song to keep this memory, by using the sound I recorded right there. The drums are layered with some cracks, like stepping on dried branches and rocks, the keychain movements and subtle wind noise are from there as well. To me, the dreamy sound of a hand-pan will be a cool choice to paint the night sky. Hope you will like this song.

— DiipSilence


Quiet dreamer, noise maker.

Electronic music artist-producer.

LOVE dreamy melodies, infusing fresh electronic music with world ethnic music elements; also with field recordings and foley sound effects.